Monday, June 1 2015

Get Rid of Raccoons?

We had some excitement last night. After we had gone to bed I heard some scratching and rustling on the roof outside our master bedroom door/window. I figured it was just the tree blowing in the wind, and then I heard a sort of “sliding click”. I looked up expecting to see maybe Roo had knocked something over. Then I wondered if he’d somehow got out downstairs and had made his way up onto the roof to get back in (I think he did that this weekend although I can’t be sure).raccoon.jpg

I got up to see the door was open a couple of inches, and there was a RACCOON on the roof, about to make his way inside our bedroom!!!!! He was a fairly big fellow (or maybe it was a girl, I have no idea) and just sat there on the roof looking at me with his paw on the door, as if he was wondering why I was looking at him. He was not at all afraid to see me standing there on the other side of the glass. I made Artos wake up and look at it because he’s never seen a raccoon so close before. After a couple of minutes the raccoon sauntered away down the roof back towards the tree which I assume was his entry route, looking back at me as if surprised and annoyed that I would spoil his fun. I closed the door REALLY CAREFULLY and went back to bed, but it was a while before either of us could sleep… we weren’t sure that there wasn’t another raccoon who had gone in before this fella!

Now I’m definitely not going to let Roo become an outdoor cat. I’m fairly certain he could hold his own against other cats, but I don’t give him a chance against raccoons. Especially not ones that will climb up on our roof and help themselves to our bedroom!! It’s also definitely time to look into a screen for that door!

Sunday, May 31 2015

What is Social Enterprise

I attended my first logging conference, the first day was an “unconference”, affectionately called “moosecamp”. This is modeled on the popular “barcamp” which is usually a day comprised of computer geeks, who initiate informal conversations on topics of technical interests (and there is usually some of beer). I was particularly interested in Sharepoint, and it was suggested that we also attend the session on Social Enterprise first as the topics are related. The majority of the conversations circled around company culture and how it related to collaborative culture when the software was introduced. Why use collaborative software?

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Thursday, May 14 2015

Pain in my neck



I’ve been cutting down on my pillow usage lately to hopefully be a little friendlier to my spine. Unfortunately, this just makes for less territory around/over my head while I’m sleeping. JohnyLOVES to sleep between my head and the headboard, on my pillows, and since there is only one pillow to sleep on nowadays, we end up fighting over it. Fighting over a pillow with a cat, you say? How silly, you say: why not just chuck the cat out of the bed?


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Tuesday, May 12 2015

Turning 30 and beyond



I keep expecting some kind of philosophical epiphany to strike me… but it hasn’t. Mostly, I just look ahead to the rest of my life coming and think that by the time I hit 35, I will probably be in a completely different existence… babies, maybe even a mortgage (but I’m probably not ready for that kind of responsibility yet… the mortgage, I mean).

Hmm. Maybe this IS the epiphany thing, then.

I’ve noticed a few times over the past six months that responsibility seems to have become my middle name. Artos said that if you look up responsibility in the dictionary, my picture would be next to the word. This comes as quite a surprise because if there’s one thing that used to drive my mother crazy when I was a child, it was my apparent lack of responsibility. I used to be very forgetful and late for things and generally scatterbrained and dreamy

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Saturday, May 9 2015



Occasionally when I’m driving to and fro (as I do a lot for work these days), I get a half-baked idea in my head about something that would make a good blog update. Unfortunately I don’t ever remember these things, and whenever I’m actually sitting at a computer I’m usually feeling too guilty about my pages-long to-do list to come up with an update.

So now, because I am taking a self-enforced “lunch break” and I’m just finishing up my fries & Coke, I thought I’d write a long, rambling update with no specific topic or importance. You can’t even call this a stream-of-consciousness update because the “conscious” part is highly debatable.

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